secondary [sek′ən der΄ē]
[ME secundary < L secundarius]
1. second, or below the first, in rank, importance, class, place, etc.; subordinate; minor; not primary
a) derived or resulting from something considered primary or original; dependent; derivative
b) secondhand; not original [a secondary source of information]
c) designating colors derived by mixing two primary colors: see
3. COLOR (sense 3)
4. coming after that which is first in a series of processes, events, stages, etc., as of growth or development
5. coming next in sequence after the primary or elementary level [secondary education]
6. Chem.
a) formed by the replacement of two atoms or radicals in the molecule [secondary sodium phosphate, Na2HPO4]
b) characterized by or designating a carbon atom that is directly attached to two other carbon atoms in a closed or open chain
7. Elec. designating or of an induced current or its circuit in a transformer, induction coil, etc.
8. Geol. formed as a result of the alteration, disintegration, or erosion of preexisting rocks or minerals
9. Linguis.
a) derived from a base that is itself a word, by the addition of a prefix or derivational suffix
b) designating a form or a process that is historically relatively late; not original
10. Zool. designating or of the long flight feathers attached to the second joint or segment of a bird's wing
pl. secondaries
1. a person or thing that is secondary, subordinate, or inferior
2. any of the secondary colors
3. Elec. an output winding of a transformer from which the power is taken
4. Football the defensive backfield
5. Zool. a secondary feather: see BIRD

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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